Lee Filters

LEE Filters is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional quality light control filters, designed specifically for the Entertainment Lighting Industry. Applications include Motion Picture and Television Production, Theatrical and Staged Live Events, Architectural and Themed Entertainments, as well as products for Digital and Traditional Photography. With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, LEE Filters represents technical excellence and creative innovation in filter production.

Panavision® Remote Systems

Cranes. Heads. Service.


Panalux offers the world of film, television and media production the very best in lighting rental equipment and associated facilities. Created specifically to cater to the exacting needs of the global entertainment industry, the Panalux service is unrivalled in its ability to provide creative solutions to the full spectrum of production types, regardless of size or genre.

Panavision Federal Systems

Panavision – an industry leader in camera lenses for the film industry for 60 years – realized that its leading edge optics technologies would be an excellent fit for the emerging demands of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications. Our first product was a very long range zoom lens that combines wide-area scanning with the ability to zoom in as much as 15km to activities of interest.