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Panalux Power h40 40kW


The Panalux Power h40 hybrid generator combines a diesel engine with an advanced lithium-ion battery array. Capable of delivering 240V AC power up to a load of 40kW, the generator never idles, and the diesel engine only engages to charge the batteries.

Product Details

Manufacturer Panalux
Model Panalux Power h40 40kW
Rating (kW) 40
Output Connector 1 x 32A Ceeform Out, 1 x 63A Ceeform Out, 1 x Powerlock 1ph Out
Generator Type Hybrid
Litres Per Hour at 25% n/a
Litres Per Hour at 50% n/a
Litres Per Hour at 75% n/a
Phase Options 1-Phase
Generator Tank Capacity (L) n/a
Weight (kg)(lbs) 6400.00

The Panalux Power h40 generates just as much power with less fuel, for longer, and with far fewer emissions than a conventional generator. Keeping a traditional generator running for prolonged low-level loads causes unnecessarily high emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates, unwanted noise pollution, and damage to the generator. The h40 only switches to fossil-fueled power when required and runs silently in the background on battery power at all other times. Without turning on its diesel engine, the h40 can power a 3,000W load for 8 hours on batteries alone. 


Mounted on a 4x4 base for use in city centers or remote locations, the Panalux Power h40 complies with the strictest standards and is ULEZ friendly.  


Features include: 

  • 240V AC, 40kW power  

  • Silent running on batteries 

  • Significant reduction in fossil-fuel consumption 

  • Significant reduction in carbon emissions 

  • Significant reduction in production costs  

  • ULEZ compliant 

  • 4x4 Base 


Panalux Power h40 Spec Sheet

Overview of the key features and specs of the Panalux Power h40 hybrid generator.

Download PDF